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Think TTP: suspect, treat, confirm, monitor

aTTP Infographic


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Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP)

TTP is a rare blood disorder that causes small blood clots in blood vessels

THROMBOTIC = blood clots form in your blood vessels.

THROMBOCYTOPENIC = fewer platelets in your blood because they have clumped together

PURPURA = purple bruises caused by bleeding under your skin

Acquired TTP (aTTP)n ultra-rare disease: 2–6 cases per million people

also called immune-mediated TTP

~95% of TTP cases

caused by a problem in the immune system leading to not enough ADAMTS13 (an enzyme) in the blood

aTTP Infographic

Think TTP: suspect, treat, confirm, monitor.

This infographic highlights the vital importance of immediate treatment when aTTP is suspected. Please share to raise awareness. Download by clicking the image.

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