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Dan Jeffries reads Me, Myself & Eye exclusively for RARE Revolution

Dan Jeffries is the genius behind the intriguing and chuckle worthy memoir delving deep into his life as someone living with one of the worlds rarest medical conditions, Wyburn-Mason syndrome. Dan had just gotten to grips with his first diagnosis when he was thrust into the world of Acromegaly yet another of the worlds rarest medical conditions! Dan has taken his diagnosis and turned it into an inspiring and insightful read to raise awareness and provide support for those going through a similar experience. We are honoured to have Dan reading an extract from his book for this Digital Disease Spotlight campaign! 

​Told through an innovative new approach that combines the traditional reading experience with modern technology, Me, Myself & Eye really lets the reader delve into Dan’s life story. Use your smart-phone, tablet or computer to look at family photos, medical documents, scans, videos and even listen to music he’s written over the years. Me, Myself & Eye is a memoir that is both fascinating and insightful, told with a fresh, honest and unique voice.

You can listen to chapter 31 of Me, Myself & Eye, ‘Showtime’ recorded exclusively for Rare Revolution Magazine:
If you liked this you can listen to the full audio book version of Me, Myself & Eye narrated by the author himself or perhaps you fancy a more hands on experience with the interactive ebook and if none of those take your fancy, you can get Me, Myself & Eye in good old fashioned print! 

OK so I may not be Nigel Havers but – if you like your audiobooks – I think you’ll love this one. And we’ve got two ways in which you can indulge. Over 12 hours of pure audio bliss. Use the Book Content whilst you listen. And all narrated by yours truly.

​I wanted the eBook to integrate the content more. I contacted an eBook designer specialist, a guy called Paul Drummond, and explained what I was after. He fully understood and we set about producing an interactive eBook.

There was no question about it: I wanted a physical book. Even though I’m not a big reader myself, I knew that having something physical to hold, to sign, to look at on the shelf was important, and just as important for the reader too.

If you like the sound of Dan and want to hear more you can listen to his podcast series featured on the AcroTales platform in which Dan chats with Acromegaly patients about their personal journeys, you can hear some incredible stories and get to know life with Acromegaly. 

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