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10 Top Tips for ​RARE Employers

Top Tips for Employers

Rare Revolution (

Rare Revolution (

Top Tips for Employers from rare rev a mixture of thoughts from the team videos and blogs:

  1. Flexible working 

By offering flexible hours and a remote working option you can assure your company is creating an inclusive workplace especially for those with complex health needs. This will allow everyone equal opportunities to progress in their roles. 

  1. Start-up Support Founders 

Being a founder can be a really lonely place but the good news is no matter where you are there will be some form of business startup support in your area. Find a business mentor network and they will guide you through challenges and keep you company along your journey.

  1. Practice don’t preach

If you promote your company as being innovative, agile and flexible you have to allow your employees the freedom to practice and demonstrate this value and to encourage this within their work and working environment.

  1. Support

If you want your staff to feel happy and be productive in the workplace making sure you are offering support, whether that be in the form of checking in with their wellbeing or keeping track of their workload. 

  1. Overcome barriers 

Extra demands in your life can mean your ability to perform your best as an employer or employee falls short. It is important to accept that sometimes life can put barriers in front of us, but it is about how we overcome them that matters. Don’t be afraid to create your own business model on your terms that works for you and your team.  

  1. Expect the unexpected 

Be prepared for the unexpected. Unplanned staff absences are always an operational challenge so having a plan in place in advance can help keep things running smoothly. Shared filing, weekly team update meetings and a buddy system all help to ensure you can take care of business and your team. 

  1. Identify the genius zone 

It is important to find out what your employee’s passions are and identify where their strengths lie. If you can harness these two things this will allow them to flourish in their role and you can be sure that they are enjoying the work, they do. 

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  1. Policy & Strategy 

Have a clear non-discrimination policy and a proactive approach to implementing these policies and embedding inclusivity into the culture of your organisation. Take time to understand the differences in your staff body and harness those differences. 

  1. Accessibility 

Ensure you have a workplace accessible to your staff by making the required physical adjustments. Take the time to understand your employee’s needs. Back this up with education, training, support and adapted operating procedures where necessary to ensure your employees can perform their daily tasks successfully. 

  1. Communication 

Communication is key to creating an inclusive culture in the workplace. Open, effective communication, as well as clear channels for feedback will give everyone the opportunity to be heard and feel valued. Find the most relevant and effective channels of communication and keep dialogue open at all times. 

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