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Benchmarking report published on “Early and Expanded Access Pathways in Ukraine, Poland, & the Baltic States”

The Eirhub team conducted pro bono research during the summer and autumn 2023 on “Early & Expanded Access Pathways in Ukraine, Poland, and the Baltic States”.

The final document is available for free to anyone interested or involved in the topic, including those developing internal corporate policies for such mechanisms and those responsible for developing pharmaceutical policies in Ukraine and other countries.

The work involved desk research and expert interviews with industry stakeholders: patient advocacy groups, law firms, market access managers of innovative pharmaceutical companies, and other industry experts.

The first section covers terminology, various methods for early access, disparities between access mechanisms, and their implementation in different countries.

In the second part, there is an examination of early access to medicines in four Central and Eastern European countries: Poland, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Finally, the authors consider the potential benefits of the early access concept to patients, patient organisations and governments.

This document is an initial attempt to grasp the mechanisms mentioned and the authors we anticipate further in-depth exploration of the topic.

They invite all stakeholders to engage proactively with the mechanisms outlined in the document, foster awareness among patient communities and leverage the opportunities it presents to Ukraine.

Eirhub believes that a well-designed and effectively implemented early access programme in Ukraine can bring numerous benefits to patients, healthcare systems, the pharmaceutical industry and the overall well-being of the population in the country.

Eirhub’s main goal is to increase awareness of the benefits of early and expanded access mechanisms for stakeholders in Ukraine, particularly patients and patient advocacy groups.

To find out more, visit:, or contact the authors, Yevgen Brovko and  Anastasiia Havrysh, directly on LinkedIn.

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